Variety is the Spice!

This weekend we have lots of variety: Ida Red, Red and Golden Delicious, limited Northern Spy, Empire, Jonna Reds and Cortland. There is upick on Red Delicious and Ida Red. Hayrides are also going. This is what Michigan apple season is all about! …pssst…we have a surprise apple variety waiting for you not listed here and brand new to the store…let’s just say if you like Honey Crisp, you’ll love this variety.

Apples for Late Fall Pleasure

This week we just picked the Red Rome and Fuji apples. They store well and are crispy favorites. We recommend mixing the Red Rome apples with Northern Spy or Ida Red apples for a pie. That's a treat! Other apples available include: Red and Golden Delicious, Cortland and Winesap. Don't forget to make time for a hayride! We also have a fall end of the season sale going on.


There is always one weekend in the fall where we consider it to 'peak'; the colors are amazing, the weather is great and the cider and apples are plenty. That's this coming weekend. We have Northern Spy apples picked and there is upick on Red Delicious apples. Pick up a pumpkin for the porch, jump on a hay ride for just $2 and hang out with friends on the lawn. Is fall great?

Paula Reds at the Plymouth Market (starting 8/23)

This is the variety that starts our apple season this year! Paula Reds are now available Saturday mornings at the Plymouth Market.

Here's the details on this apple:

Nature did what plant breeders couldn't--produce a McIntosh-type apple that matures in late summer rather than fall. Paula Red is considered a McIntosh mutation, discovered around 1960 near a McIntosh block by grower Lewis Arends of Sparta, Michigan. Mr. Arends named the new variety after his wife Pauline. Paula Red has the pleasing tartness of McIntosh and a rather similar appearance.  Paula Red is a short-season apple.